TPP130 maxDNA System Overview

Date: Jul 28 - Aug 01, 2014

Lansdale, PA

Metso Automation, Power Automation

2750 Morris Rd, Suite A100

Lansdale, 19446-3900 PA

Deadline for registration: Jul 11, 2014

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Your contact for this course is:

Vickie Mitchell

Fax: (215) 393 4098
Phone: (215) 393 4090

Course Description:

The TPP130 maxDNA System Overview Course is part of a Four Week Series of Courses for Technicians and Engineers

This series of courses delivers the depth and quality of hands-on laboratory based training experience for which the Metso Automation Educational Services Team is well known in the Control Industry. These courses for the maxDNA DCS will provide you with the experience and expertise to master the newest and best yet innovations of this Dynamic Network of Applications.

This course provides a broad overview of the maxDNA System by introducing the student to the system features, functions, and capabilities.
The course starts with an explanation of the system architecture and provides a summary of the system hardware components.
All the major functions of the maxDNA system are presented along with an understanding of the tools necessary to interface with each of these features.

Who should attend:

Managers, production superintendents, team leaders, shift supervisors, project managers, operators, and any other personnel needing a basic understanding of the maxDNA System.


Previous experience with the Microsoft® Windows® operating environment is recommended.

What to expect:

  • System Overview
  • System Architecture
  • Hardware Overview  of the maxDPU, maxPAC I/O, maxNET, and the maxSTATIONS
  • System Features, Functions,  & Capabilities
  • Understanding the Software Backplane – how all maxDNA applications communicate
  • Alarms
  • Alarm Annunciators
  • Events
  • History
  • Trending
  • Archiving
  • Reports
  • File Synchronization across workstations
  • Security
  • Introduction to Graphics (maxVUE Runtime  & maxVUE Editor)
  • Introduction to maxDPUConfiguration (maxDPUTools)

Download Course Outline

maxDNA TPP130 Overview.pdf