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GMR, Vasavi Basin Bridge
World’s Largest Diesel Generation Plant

  • Plant Output 200 MW
  • 4 Hyundai Diesel Engines
  • 4 Hyundai Generators 50 MW/each


The world’s largest diesel engine driven electric power plant was recently put into operation in Chennai (formerly Madras) India. A Metso MAX 1000 + PLUS system is used to control and monitor the engines and balance of plant equipment. The 200 MW plant, built by Hyundai Engineering Construction (HDEC), has four diesel engines, each driving a 50 MW generator. Each engine is 70,000 horsepower, and is as high as a five story building.The plant is a boon to the electricity starved local economy. From the time of ground breaking to first power generation was approximately one year – a major feat for India. GMR plans to add two more engines to the plant and to build another similar plant in India, utilizing the combination of HDEC, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), and Metso.

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Metso’s Scope of Supply

The MAX 1000 + PLUS system has four operator consoles located in the main control room overlooking the engine hall. In addition, a workstation is provided in the engineers office. Another remote workstation is located over 1,000 feet away in the administration building. A redundant fiber optic data highway connects all of the workstations with the distributed processing units (DPU) in the electronics room in the main plant. This workstation can access all plant data and view all the operator screens in the system. Over 200 graphics are available to the plant operators and engineers.

The maxNET communications network operates at 100Mbps, full duplex and is connected to 20 DPUs. There are 10 DPU redundant pairs. The system has over 4,000 wired I/O plus over 600 points coming to the system via data links.

The DPUs execute modulating and sequential control. The logic is written in IEC 1131 code and is available to operators and engineers in graphical format. Power flow diagrams permit technicians and engineers to follow the startup and operation of the plant equipment. Automatic startup and shutdown are executed in the

MAX 1000 + PLUS system. Hardwired interfaces are provided to the motor controls. The interlock logic operates circuit breakers, reversing, non-reversing motor starters and solenoids.

In addition to modulating and sequential control the DPUs execute sequence of events on a system wide basis. Resolution of SOE records is 1 millisecond. Events, both SOE points and alarms, are stored in a maxSTORIAN which provides logs and reports. Process history is also stored and archived in the maxSTORIAN provided with the engineers console.

The system has remote termination cabinets. Prefabricated cables interconnect the terminations with the I/O module chassis. Modules can easily be removed without disturbing field wiring or the interconnecting cables.

The plant is equipped with HHI diesel engines and ABB generators. The slow speed of the high torque diesel engines presented a major challenge to the plant designers. Low frequency vibration at very high amplitudes plagued every part of the plant. The system had to be isolated from this and secured with passive vibration dampers.

The plant will be expanded to include two more engines. The system has been designed so the communications network can be easily lengthened and the I/O easily installed in existing chassis.