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My needs are clear!

“I aim at targeted quality and production with the right cost and minimum environmental impact. I therefore need an automationand information solution that is easy to engineer, maintain and expand. Surprises are not allowed – I want to sleep at night. I also need to make my team more efficient and continuous innovation is another must. To make it all happen, I need the right platform, the right partners and to build a Community for Results”.

Metso DNA - a complete automation platform for better process results

Metso DNA is a new generation automation and information platform. It covers all controls for process, machine, quality, and drives, as well as mechanical condition monitoring in a single platform. Metso DNA can be extended from the micro system – including the world’s smallest fully functional user interface – to mill and plant-wide systems supporting global organizations.

A true Community for Results

Production work at today’s pulp, paper, energy and process industries requires constant and intensive utilization of information. Production professionals, such as operators, production managers, maintenance and development engineers work hard to keep up with their performance goals. The best results are achieved when professionals work together towards the same goal.

Metso DNA links the whole organization into one powerful Community for Results.

Metso DNA provides tools that enable sharing information and knowledge thus allowing plant-wide communication and discussion. You get all of this regardless of time or place, from the control room night shift to the daily operations at headquarters. An organization that can share the same knowledge and exchange the same experiences will be able to strive for the same goals as a true Community for Results.

Results with capital R

When an organization works as a com­munity to achieve their results together, all the people have access to the same facts and they can make the right decisions.This leads to better production efficiency, improved disturbance management and effective cooperation over organizational borders. Operations like production and maintenance can be seamlessly integrated.

Easy access to information helps plants to achieve their goals for: optimum quality, performance, environment and cost – the Results with a capital R.