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Metso DNA ensures uniform efficiency with a new fuel mix - the Vaskiluoto power plant added gasification into its fuel portfolio


In order to increase the share of renewable energy in production and to considerably reduce coal consumption, Vaskiluodon Voima invested in a new gasification plant at its Vaasa power plant site. The gasifier feeds the old pulverized coal boiler with product gas, which is combusted in the boiler ... Read more

Operating in icy conditions safely with Metso’s automation system


Only state-of-the-art icebreakers create a sense of confidence when operating in the offshore oil and gas field of Arkutun-Dagi, Sakhalin-1. When breaking thick ice and taking cargo to the oil field in harsh conditions, operating in demanding oil spill recovery action or firefighting, the automat... Read more

Metso DNA plant automation increases product quality and work safety for NCC Roads crushing plant


The main challenges facing crushing contractors today are the quality of the aggregates and safety in quarrying operations. The Metso DNA automation system supplied to NCC Roads portable plant ensures a consistent quality of the end products and safe working from a dust-free control cabin with ai... Read more

Metso’s automation for all kinds of biofuel production


Availability and safety are unquestionably key issues in any process. In producing highly flammable fuels and biofuels, the importance of these issues grows even more. Today, several leading global producers rely on Metso’s process automation technology to control their biofuel plants, which prod... Read more

Authentic world-class vodka from Russia – with Metso’s automation


Vodka is to the Russians what wine is to the French, or whiskey to the Scots and Irish. It is a spirit rich in history and rituals. In less than 15 years, Russian Standard Vodka has become the number one premium brand in its homeland, and its producer, Russian Standard, is now the second-largest ... Read more

Innovative icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel with Metso’s automation system launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has once again built a high-technology vessel for demanding ice conditions. To enable the vessel to operate powerfully sideways, astern and ahead, the vessel BALTIKA has an asymmetric hull form, which is patented, and three 360° rotating thrusters. The innovations also i... Read more