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Metso DNA Secured Life Cycle

Predictive maintenance brings significant cost savings by preventing unexpected machine failures and production downtime. Vibration based condition monitoring is a central tool for predicting mechanical faults in critical machinery. Condition monitoring produces real- time machine health information that can be utilized in planning and scheduling maintenance operations. Taking right actions in right time guarantees maximum process availability and efficient maintenance process.

The benefits of Metso DNA Machine Monitoring

• High production availability
• Efficient maintenance process
• Support for collaborative operation and maintenance
• Easy integration of process and machine condition information
• Cost efficient system implementation and maintenance

Predictive maintenance with DNA Machine Monitoring lower the costs of unplanned downtime and production losses

Metso DNA is the only platform which can do all types of controls and asset management functions within one platform. It means that controllers, I/O infrastructure, operation and analysis tools, and engineering tools are the same used in process controls, optimizations, vibration monitoring applications and field device asset management solutions.

Metso DNA Machine Monitoring

More information in Metso DNA Machine Monitoring data sheet

Single platform solution includes mechanical condition monitoring

If you want to monitor vibrations of e.g. a rotating machine, such as motor, pump or gearbox, you can just add additional I/Os to the existing Metso DNA. For a larger condition monitoring application, a dedicated process controller may be needed. User can easily compare any process control data to the vibration monitoring data, e.g. in a trend curve to make analysis of the process behaviour. For deeper analysis purposes, Synchronized Time Average (STA) curves or frequency analysis pictures are available. This unique approach to combine mechanical condition monitoring and process controls in one system gives the user clear benefits in analysis, operation and maintenance.