Less variability and better quality in thermo-mechanical pulping and groundwood fiber lines

Metso’s solutions enable you to reduce variability, boost end product quality, lower energy consumption and reduce furnish costs in thermo-mechanical (TMP) and groundwood fiber lines.

With accurate and reliable solutions, such as measurements, stabilizing controls, valves, advanced multi-variable process controls and operator information tools. Metso provides mechanical pulp producers with the means and know-how to boost process stability and efficiency, and ensure maximum and sustainable profitability.

Reduced variability and higher pulp quality

Featuring Metso’s unmatched knowledge of refining and process control, the Optimal Refining concept allows you to produce the highest pulp quality with the lowest variability. The process and pulp quality analyzers integrated with our Advanced Quality Control solution provide you with the fiber quality and process stability required to produce pulp in the most cost-effective way while meeting the furnish quality requirements of your papermaking processes.

Lower energy consumption

Advanced Quality Control of single or multiple main line refiners, reject refiners and screening lowers fiber quality variability. This reduces specific refining or grinding energy consumption and overall mill energy consumption while maintaining or improving fiber properties and papermaking performance. Peak power consumption can be reduced, thereby cutting electrical demand costs.
The Power Contract Optimization solution schedules the timing and sequencing of multiple refining lines to reduce total energy costs, subject to variable power contract pricing, while meeting fiber production requirements.

Reduced furnish costs

With Advanced Quality Control, fiber quality and furnish freeness are more uniform, allowing less use of expensive reinforcing pulp.
Better papermaking and printing performance

A stable fiber furnish translates into better paper machine runnability and higher efficiency. With more uniform and predictable sheet strength properties, printing houses will get more consistent performance.