Maximizing profitability in mechanical pulping

For decades, Metso’s automation products and services have helped you to optimize the performance of your processes and the end-use performance of your fiber and paper products. But Metso is much more than just a product company. With extensive knowledge of how pulp and paper processes work and how they can be optimized Metso provides solutions to the challenges facing you today.

With accurate, reliable process and product measurements, stabilizing controls, valves and other control devices, advanced multi-variable process controls, and operator information tools, Metso provides the means and the knowledge to solve process stability issues and ensure maximum and sustainable profitability. Together with you, our clients, we analyze and provide solutions to the most common and chronic causes of instability, inefficiency, and high costs. And furthermore, we deliver the results you ask for and expect.

Our tailor-made solutions address the common issues that mechanical pulp producers face today. Our applications knowledge and process control tools optimize the productivity and profitability of both thermomechanical (TMP) and groundwood fiber lines.