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Metso Blade Consistency Transmitter (Metso SP)

Metso Blade Consistency Transmitter

Among shear force or blade type consistency transmitters, the names of Pulp-AIR, Pulp-EL and SMART-PULP are well recognized among papermakers. Today, this heritage is continued with the new Metso Blade Consistency Transmitter
(Metso SP)
employing the latest technology and materials. Metso SP is easy to start up and fast to calibrate taking full advantage of Hart, Profi bus PA and Foundation Fieldbus technologies. Online condition monitoring with Metso FieldCare or AMS systems is supported.

Improvements to the Metso SP focus on durability in demanding process environments while retaining excellent measurement accuracy; A new metal-to-metal construction to our patented process seal ensures high resistance against chemicals and pressure shocks. The taper pin assembly has been redesigned to achieve a 40% increase in strength against “hit-in-line” cases.