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Metso iCV – in-built control intelligence

Metso iCV – in-built control intelligence

Amongst other benefits, in process plants Metso intelligent control valves can provide the key to enhanced process efficiency and to reduced fugitive emissions by eliminating the gland packing leakage problems. Emissions and unwanted leakages, whether of water, steam or even more valuable media, always constitute a waste of money. However, the remarkable packing tightness of the Metso quarter turn control valve prevents the loss of raw material and effectively eliminates the need for gland packing maintenance and associated maintenance costs.

All valve components and assemblies produced by Metso

Metso manufacture valves, actuators and valve controllers as well as all the linkage parts used between these components. This guarantees the total compatibility of valve components and provides single source responsibility.

The Metso iCV control valve range consists of:

Metso FieldCare™ – Device and Asset Management software

Metso FieldCare provides real-time information under operational process conditions, and its ability to browse and store data makes prediction of device condition extremely accurate. The information it provides supports predictive maintenance and can be used to plan regular maintenance activities, ensuring sufficient time to order spare parts and plan for service operations. Metso FieldCare™ lowers the cost of ownership as it can manage any device and any communication protocol, helps plan maintenance activities and, as part of the process control system, will be a valuable addition no matter what developments may be introduced in the future. Read more