Metso PREMIER and COMPACT Screens™

Metso has introduced two new screening product ranges; Metso PREMIER Screens™ and Metso COMPACT Screens™, which are grouped by design features and capabilities to serve different customer’s unique needs.

All screening operations have unique challenges

Our customers have a common goal to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in order to maximize profitability; however they have different challenges and constraints so the right solution to achieve this varies from operation to operation.

Metso PREMIER and COMPACT Screens™ are the right solution for every application

Metso PREMIER Screens™ have long been the Metso flagship in vibrating products delivering unmatched results for you. These screens are fully configurable, designed to incorporate any type of screening media for maximum operational flexibility by utilizing the innovative universal deck frame which is rugged enough for the heaviest modular panel but can be converted to almost any other screening media without any machine modifications. Complete with full wear protection and with ample space between decks, maintenance is quick, safe and easy. Additionally, the modular components design allows for semi-customization of the total machine height, deck spacing, and bracket location so that they can fit into existing plants and still deliver unmatched durability.

Metso COMPACT Screens™ include machines that are incorporated with our mobile crushing and screening plants, but are now available for single unit sales and use in stationary plants. These screens include carefully selected features in a standard configuration, for easy and reliable operation and are designed for integration into tight spaces for both fixed and mobile plants.

Both our screen ranges incorporate the grease lubricated MV Modular vibrators for long life and easy maintenance.

Optimized features and options for the lowest total cost of ownership

Finding the right balance between local operational cost variables of man power, utilities, consumables, etc. with the selling price of aggregate is where you make your money.

Metso PREMIER Screens™ appeal to customers that rank operational availability and application flexibility as the primary concern and who need equipment that can be pushed as hard as they push themselves in delivering continuous results. For example, having high quality and durable components is important to many operations in order to achieve maximum availability, and the Metso PREMIER Screens™ achieve this by utilizing TRELLEX media and wear parts. The value of just a 1% improvement in annual availability of a screen can have a big impact on revenue. Consider an application processing 300 tph for 4000 hrs. per year and selling that aggregate for €8/ton**, 1% greater screen availability can impact the plant revenue by almost €100,000.

Metso COMPACT Screens™ appeal to customers that want to minimize capital investment and need a simple and standard solution to help them start operations quickly in order to generate cash flow. The predominant design characteristic of the COMPACT screens allows them to be economical in terms of both size and price. Additionally, the majority of the range is containerized and shipped complete from the factory for simple and cost effective logistics and field installation.

Our screen family makes it easy for you to select the right screen in order to maximize your revenue.

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