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This is maxDNA

maxDNA is the seamless combination of proven Plant Automation System hardware and a Dynamic Network of Applications specifically designed to meet the needs of
electric power plants.

maxDNA is supported by a full range of life cycle services designed to increase the economic value of your plant. What makes the difference is that maxDNA was created by application developers knowledgeable in all aspects of the operation of power plants.

Proven applications expertise

Metso has designed, built and installed plant automation systems for the electric power and process industries for over 75 years. This legacy evolved from Leeds & Northrup, during which time it became a leader in providing control and automation of large utility generating plants.

Electric Power Generation

Today, Metso maintains a staff of highly skilled application engineers with decades of combined process automation experience. Metso application engineers are thoroughly involved in the utility industry and are familiar with controlling and operating virtually all types of generating plants.

Metso is experienced with all major boilers and has proven solutions for tangentially-fired furnaces, front and rearfired furnaces, down-shot furnaces, and fluidized-bed boilers. Metso has also provided controls for over 150 oncethrough boilers.

Metso engineers have experience with large steam turbines from General Electric, ABB, Siemens-Westinghouse, MHI, Hitachi and all of the Chinese state industries. Turbine control designs are available to bring the turbine from turning gear to synchronization and on to automatic load control. The new maxDNA system has algorithms to execute steam turbine control and special I/O cards to interface with actuators, servos and speed pickup devices on virtually all steam turbines.

Metso also has solutions for combined cycle plants, including automatic plant startup, automatic generation control and control of multi-pressure heat recovery boilers. Metso systems are installed on plants up to 1000 MW and with all of the major suppliers of combustion turbines and HRSGs. Metso supplies communication links to all of the major combustion turbine control systems.

Metso offers turnkey solutions for all types and sizes of power plants. For large fossil fired plants Metso exclusively uses the D-E-B coordinated control philosophy, an approach that assures the unified operation of the boiler, its inputs, fuel, air and feedwater, with the turbine-generator output.

The D-E-B system is a proven control strategy that is designed to meet the number one objective of the power plant – match generation to demand, under all conditions. Now in its fourth generation, D-E-B has been proven on over 900 large fossil fired power plants around the world – and it is only available from

Metso is the leader in supplying systems and applications for eco-efficient power plants. Metso engineers designed and supplied the systems for world’s largest biofuelled power plant. An advanced information management system was supplied to accurately monitor and report the plant’s various
products (electricity, process steam and district heating) to ensure proper invoicing. Due to the boiler’s large size (550MWt) and wide range of fuels, accurate monitoring of fuel consumption and efficiency would be next to impossible without the advanced applications designed by Metso.

Over 4500 people are stationed in 37 countries around the world to provide long-term support for all Metso installations.