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Pasi Airikka - Intelligent automation for crushing and screening

Human intelligence is often defined using expressions such as fast learning, correct actions or quick problem solving. Quite simply, intelligence is conducting actions that result in benefits. It can be tedious to measure, but you recognize it when you see it.

Pls feel free to ask for more information. We also appreciate your feedback in all automation related issues.

Pasi AirikkaSimilarly, crushing and screening processes can be equipped with intelligent, plant-wide process automation systems that conduct actions that result in benefits. They provide a great variety of benefits in production, quality, safety and process availability.

Even the most intelligent process automation system for a crushing and screening process may not outperform the best operator at his best – but, in the long run, it surely will prove its worth and will win just by calmly repeating intelligent and flawless actions day by day, second by second. Achieving maximum results requires integration of the process, machine and automation expertise already in the plant engineering and design phase. This is exactly where Metso has its strengths as a solution provider.

Product Manager Pasi Airikka is responsible for automation solutions for crushing and screening and global sales support at Metso Automation's Minerals Processing Systems unit.

Automation is often considered a hidden technology. You cannot see it, but you see the beneficial results it provides. Even though it is mostly hidden, it still requires human supervision and care, just as all process equipment and machines do. An automation system is as good as its operators. With intelligent use, the automation system is like a good friend: It never lets you down.

MetsoNo matter how well engineered, it is not possible for automation to push physical process and machine constraints further. There is always something limiting an output of a crushing and screening process. However, plant-wide automation decreases variations due to raw material quality changes, process and machine loads, and external circumstances, e.g. moisture and weather. Consequently, stabilized variations result in better production, quality and plant availability.

The benefits of automation are not always very tangible or easy to measure. How do you put a value on the operator’s footsteps that were saved by intelligent process automation? Plant safety and availability are typically measured in crushing and screening plants by recording work-related hazard statistics and machine uptime. But very few seem to be interested in getting to know what part of it was due to an intelligent automation system.

Metso DNA at ProStein in Germany

Today, intelligent process automation is more than just process controls against load and disturbance variations. As more and more data flows between crushing and screening machines, offices, handheld devices, internet and cloud computing servers, the definition of automation expands to cover functionalities such as wireless remote access, office reporting, electronic machine maintenance, machine and condition monitoring, automatic fault detection and remote operations.

In everyday life, people have become familiar with gadgets such as smartphones and tablets with touchscreens and wireless communication capabilities. Gradually, crushing and screening operators and companies are also requiring seamless access to machine and plant supervision data.

Metso's screening equipments

This is a trend that Metso is happy to satisfy with its intelligent, plant-wide automation solutions for crushing and screening. We have supplied more than 100 such systems globally, and we are collaborating with Metso Mining and Construction to bring new crushing and screening solutions to our customers.

Pls feel free to ask for more information. We also appreciate your feedback in all automation related issues.

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Pasi Airikka
Product Manager, Metso