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Q-Ball for noise attenuation and anti-cavitation

Neles Q-Ball for noise attenuation and anti-cavitation

Metso's Neles Q-Ball® control valve offers a unique concept of low noise level, minimum cavitation combined with high capacity and excellent control properties. The Q-Ball has been developed from the famous high performance Metso StemBall control valve and provides a noise reduction of up to 20 dB (A) when compared to normal valves. The design is simple and effective. Parallel perforated plates in the ball flow opening smoothen the pressure drop as the flow passes through. This enables gradual pressure reduction over the valve, reducing velocity, noise generation and cavitation. The Metso Q-Ball retains all the advantages that have made the rotary control valve so successfull; e.g. metal-to-metal seating and wide temperature range, self-cleaning and non-clogging.

For clean gases Q2- Trim technology allows noise reduction can be up to -30 dB(A). This creates the optimum solution for noise attenuation. Without detached resistors the valves with Q2- Trim are easy to install and fit onto the pipeline. The benefits of a compact valve size include a decreased need for pipeline support and more options for mounting positions.

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