Blog post published Jan 25, 2013 Blog: Go with the flow

Looking towards the year of new stories

It has been most interesting to follow the current market trends in energy and hydrocarbon industries. What is going to happen in LNG? Do we see it rising again and when? The natural gas market is going through changes in becoming years for many reasons, such as demand increase in particular in Asian countries. The US shale gas developments are said to change the world energy balance with US becoming independent from external imports and becoming an exporter. The shale gas is boosting also petrochemical investements in the US, since it provides viable feedstock for petrochemical processing, like gas crackers and propane dehydrogenation, independent from crude oil. Cheap natural gas is making GTL an interesting investement again, as Sasol announced recently to commence the front-end engineering and design (FEED) phase for an integrated gas-to-liquids and ethane cracker complex in Lake Charles, Lousiana (USA). Petrochemical and refining investements continue to grow, particularly in non-OECD countries. “North America leads shift in global energy balance”, IEA says in latest World Energy Outlook.

This year the Go with the Flow -blog will give our readers some insights to technology developments and valve selection for petrochemical applications, such as aromatics and PE/PP polymerisation; we’ll look into the coal-to-liquid (CTL) applications, as well as gas-to-liquid applications without forgetting some refining applications such as hydrotreating and sulphur processing. Valves for industrial gases are also of particular interest as many of the hydrocarbon processes need gases, like oxygen and hydrogen through cryogenic air separation, pressure swing adsorption and steam reforming.

Welcome established and new readers to follow us through Go with the Flow blog!

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