Blog post published May 20, 2016 Blog: Go with the flow

Over 50 years of valve controllers

Reliability and performance with 50 years of valve controlling experience.

Many things, including the needs of our customers, have evolved over the years. Our products have always been focused on delivering performance and reliability. The experience of 50 years and more than 1 million delivered devices gives us the confidence to say that we truly have the expertize needed to deliver the big difference to our customers – The Metso Way.

The new Neles NDX is a welcome addition to Metso’s already comprehensive portfolio of high-quality valve controllers. An improved user experience was at the core of the design. The robust and reliable product provides a solution for all valve brands in a wide range of applications, regardless of the customer or industry.

"We took the customer input, and re-imagined the valve controller to make it easier, safer and more reliable than ever before."

Metso valve controllers' history

Niklas Lindfors works as Senior business manager for Valve controls business line and has long experience in valve diagnostics. He can be reached at

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