Blog post published Apr 6, 2016 Blog: Metso on the road

Blog: How to maxime your 5-8 mm and minimize 0-5 mm fraction with less energy

Metso is hosting the Aggregates Academy at Bauma, a daily series of practical presentations where our experts will be highlighting several key solutions to industry challenges.

In our presentation during Bauma, you will learn, how to improve your crushing process by maximizing your 5-8 mm and minimizing simultaneously 0-5 mm fraction with less energy.

There are two easy ways to improve the productivity of your crusher: to choose the right choke plate feed arrangement and to control and adjustment of the feed level height. The lower the energy used, the less fines will be produced.

By constant, controlled feed level height adjustment, a potential 60% reduction in operational costs in tertiary crushing can be achieved.

For more information and times of our presentation at Bauma, please visit our Metso Aggregates Academy page.

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