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Blog: Replacing the liner of a HP cone crusher

The HP cone crusher is a very important piece of equipment in a crushing plant. It can operate as a secondary, tertiary or quaternary crusher, depending on the crushing process. Since the crushing process is typically very abrasive, crushers are equipped with wear linings that must be replaced periodically to ensure the integrity of the equipment and good performance.

Having certain materials available at the processing plant can minimize equipment downtime when replacing the wear liners. These materials include:

A) Mantle - also known as head liner.

B) Cutting ring - the cutting ring is not reusable, so a new ring should be installed every time the mantle is replaced.

C) Bowl liner

D) Padding material - its purpose is to cushion (shock absorption), not to fasten the liners. Lubrication of the head/bowl is recommended to facilitate subsequent replacement.

E) Cone feed plate - also known as the feed cone; it should be replaced every time the mantle is replaced.

F) Hex (hexagonal) head bolt - replace only if necessary.

G) Mantle locking bolt - replacement of this bolt is not necessary with every replacement of the mantle, but a new locking bolt should be kept on hand at the worksite just in case it needs to be replaced.

H) Set of square-head bolts - replacement of this/these bolt(s) is not necessary with every replacement of lining materials, but it is important to always have a set available at the worksite.

HP cone crusher components

Caution: Lubrication should not be applied to the region/surface where liners will be seated since friction aids in their performance.


How much padding material is needed?

The quantity of padding material varies by the type of lining and the equipment. See the following table:

HP cone lubrication table

Attention: Crusher models HP3, HP4, HP5, HP6 and HP100 do not use padding material on the back of the mantle or the bowl lining.

Other wear parts that should be inspected whenever liners are replaced:

  • Main frame liner
  • Counterweight liner
  • Countershaft guard
  • Frame arm guard

For additional details regarding the replacement of the mantle and bowl liner, please refer to your equipment’s instruction manual.

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