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Metso has set a Digital Program to accelerate us to a new level in digital capabilities. Our ambition is to become one of the digital leaders in the industries we serve.

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Creating value through digitalization. Read our Metso Digital Knowledge blog to discover and build future solutions with our experts.

Age of the Hoodie Guy
From a digital technology standpoint, solutions like ecommerce, digital marketing automation, customer experience management are said to be iconic to this age.
Seizing opportunities in manufacturing with value as the end product. By introducing robots in production, Metso goes one step further in the customization of its offering.
A digital supply-chain?
Digitalization of our supplier interface deepens human interaction. Our goal is to put Metso in the premier league for extended enterprise value. How do we do this?
Press release
Metso Digital Program set to accelerate business growth
The Metso Digital Program has three priority initiatives. The program is part of our overall business strategy and is managed by Metso’s Digital Office working in close cooperation with Metso’s businesses and units.
Coming: Digital business ecosystems to boost pulp and papermaking
Digitalization is a hot topic in the pulp and paper industry. What opportunities does it provide for us? The benefits of having immediate access to all data on the installed base are enormous. A digital ecosystem is no longer utopia. It’s reality.
A digital game changer for continuous improvement
How do you know if underperformance is driven from machine issues? Understanding the overall difference between your crushing and screening equipment’s efficiency and team performance requires constant monitoring.
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Gain critical data and insight on your fleets operational performance and maintenance needs

Metso Metrics Services

With mobile crushers often located at remote locations or being moved between production sites, it can be difficult to track and interpret the operating condition and performance of your equipment. 

Metso Metrics involves the mounting of a remote communication device on Lokotrack® crushing and screening equipment to enable easy and secured transmission of key operational and maintenance data.

Metso ICr™ wireless information and control system

Superior feed rate control for maximized production. Controlling your Lokotrack mobile crushing plants is now safer and more convenient than ever before. Metso ICr™ wireless information and control system let's you operate your plant from the cabin of an excavator.

Metso IC™ crusher automation

Metso IC crusher automation can be easily connected to any plant automation system used in the crushing and screening industry. This enables centralized control of the crusher and the whole plant, allowing the operator to safely control and alter crusher operating parameters according to production needs from a single location.

Smart fully automatic control system

Vertical Plate Pressure Filters VPA

The Metso Vertical Plate Pressure Filters VPA are heavy duty machines, developed for filtration of metallic minerals, industrial minerals, coal and tailings. The Pressure Filter is controlled by a system consisting of a PLC connected to a PC screen, built in a well sealed and well insulated cabinet. All control logics are implemented in the PLC. On the PC monitor the filter operator can follow and control the filter operation and information such as settings, statistics and alarms.

Valve controls and limit switches

Valve controls and limit switches

High availability and easy interpretation are the key success factors in effective field device data analysis. Metso is committed to supporting open and standardized technologies. We can offer the best field devices and ensure the availability and usability of diagnostics information independent of your control, safety or asset management system.

Neles® ValvGuard VG9000 – intelligent safety solenoid

Safe, reliable operation with diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Neles ValvGuard’s unique construction enables the diagnostics part of the device to be active all the time and not dependent on the safety part. This is a true user benefit and provides maximum availability of the diagnostics information.

"As a company, we are in a good starting position what comes to digitalization. With the Metso Digital Program we will create solutions to industry challenges, and our experts will be working with our customers and distributors to fully embrace the opportunities of digitalization."
Jani Puroranta, Chief Digital Officer, Metso

Digitalization at Metso

An integral part of Metso’s strategy
Digital initiatives across our industries
Focus on the practical and concrete
New skills and capabilities
Metso Showroom Aggregates
Remote monitoring of Metso’s Lokotrack operating data by satellites
Since the beginning of 2016, all Metso Lokotrack® crushers manufactured at the Tampere, Finland, have been equipped with a satellite link that enables versatile remote monitoring. Hämeen Moreenijaloste Oy is one of the customers piloting the new Metso Metrics remote monitoring system.
Metso Showroom Pulp and Paper
Video: Significant annual savings expected with PlantTriage software
Mondi Syktyvkar is one of the global leaders in the pulp and paper industry, and is the largest producer of paper products in Russia. Their plant has become the first Russian pulp and paper enterprise to implement the Metso Expertune PlantTriage software, which ensures a significant reduction in the consumption of chemicals.
Metso Metrics Services - see our video
Did you know that there is a new digital service that enables data-driven operations and improved performance? Watch our video and learn how you can get the most out of your equipment, resources and crew. Metso Metrics Services is now available for our aggregate customers.