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Metso rubber bed lining - 4X stronger than steel

Long wear life or high payload? No need to choose. With Metso Haul Truck Solution, you can have it all.

Access our exclusive white paper and witness the outstanding results achived by trucks equipped with our rubber liners.
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Rubber bed linings offer a lower total cost

• Less maintenance
• Improved availability and performance
• Increased average payload
• Vibrations reduced by up to 97%
• Noise reduced by up to 50%
• Improved working environment
• Less fuel consumption
• Less or no carry-back

"We have appreciated the increased availability of our trucks. We also value the benefits from a health and safety perspective as our truck drivers prefer to drive the trucks equipped with Metso's lining due to their reduced noise level and vibration during operation"
Magnus Fjellström, Maintenance Superintendent from Boliden Aitik Copper mine in Sweden

Outstanding results

less vibration
longer wear life
perceived noise