Screen the impossible

Eliminate blinding and pegging without compromising wear life with Trellex 305PS

Trellex 305PS is a high quality screening media in the familiar 1'x1' size that will help you reach maximum uptime. And to make sure we keep our promise, you will be able to follow the wear rate in Screen Planner, our new, complementary software.

Metso Screen Planner is a tool to help you monitor wear, plan maintenance and keep track of the actual cost-per-ton. Try it for free!
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Compatible with standard frames and fittings

The fact that Trellex 305PS conforms to the most widespread modular standard in the world, 1'x1' (305x305 mm), means that you get the highest quality screening media in a familiar size that is fast, safe and easy to install.

"Uptime and availability mean the world to our customers. Trellex 305PS is our solution to help them reach their goal"
Claes Larsson, Product Manager, Screening Media, Metso

Minimized downtime

Extended wear life
Eliminates blinding
24/7 expert support