Outlook and disclosure policy

Metso publishes its outlook every year and provides updates on the outlook when necessary. The disclosure policy is approved by the Board of Directors.

Outlook for 2016

Metso has changed its guidance policy and will discontinue publishing financial guidance as of the beginning of 2016. Instead of numerical financial guidance on the development of our net sales and profitability, we will share our views on the overall trading conditions, expected demand development in our end markets, as well as some financial information, such as expected capital expenditure and restructuring costs during the current financial year.

October 21, 2016 (changes from July 21, 2016 in brackets)

Metso’s overall trading conditions in 2016 will be somewhat weaker compared to 2015. Demand for our products and services is expected to develop as follows:

  • remain weak for mining equipment and satisfactory for mining services
  • remain satisfactory for aggregates equipment and services
  • remain satisfactory for Flow Control products related to customers’ new investments and has changed to satisfactory (previously: good) for Flow Control services, with increased uncertainty in the oil & gas market.

At the end of September 2016, our backlog for the remainder of 2016 totaled approximately EUR 680 million, but due to current market conditions we expect some of these deliveries to be postponed into 2017. Internal efficiency actions will continue to improve competitiveness and they will result in negative net adjustment items of approximately EUR 30 million in 2016. Capital expenditure excluding acquisitions is expected to be lower than in 2015. Net financial costs are expected to be on the same level as in 2015.

Disclosure Policy

Metso follows the principle of equality in its investor communications and aims to give all market participants simultaneous and timely access to the information they need so that they can determine the value of the Metso shares in an informed manner.

Metso follows the rules and recommendations of the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange, as well as the regulation set forth in the Finnish Companies Act and Finnish Securities Markets Act and other relevant laws and the standards of the Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) in Finland.

Disclosure policy is approved by the Board of Directors. The policy describes the main principles and practices of stock exchange communications according to which Metso communicates with its key stakeholders. The purpose of the disclosure policy is to promote the reliability and consistency of the disclosure methods used and to describe the decision-making procedures involved in disclosure.