Short-term risks and uncertainties

The description of short term risks of our business operations are published in accordance with Metso's Interim Reviews.


Short-term business risks and market uncertainties

Uncertainties surrounding economic growth and political developments globally might affect our customer industries, reduce the investment appetite and cut spending among our customers, and thereby weaken the demand for Metso’s products and services and also affect business operations and projects under negotiation. There are also other market or customer-related factors that may cause on-going projects to be postponed, delayed or discontinued.

Exchange rate fluctuations and changes in commodity prices might affect our order intake, sales and financial performance, although the wide scope of our operations limits the exposure to single currencies or commodities. Metso hedges currency exposure linked to firm delivery and purchase agreements.

Uncertain market conditions might adversely affect our customers’ payment behavior and increase the risk of lawsuits, claims and disputes taken against Metso in various countries related to, among other things, Metso’s products, projects and other operations.