CEO on sustainability

There were big changes in Metso’s operating environment in 2015. Our customer industries faced challenges of adverse market conditions and low commodity prices. Our broad service offering and our personnel working closely with customers have been important success factors for us in this market situation.

The changing operating environment is redefining the conventional value-creation model. Global megatrends related to declining resources, growing expectations and thorough transparency are making sustainability even more integral to ensuring access to markets and enabling long-term business success.

Metso has systematically developed its business on the basis of sustainability principles for a long time. Today our technologies provide efficiency for our customers’ processes, we seek to lower the environmental impact of our operations, we participate in local community development, and we try to ensure the safety of our partners’ employees and our own. I believe that we must continue – and even strengthen – our efforts to meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders.

Progress in sustainability

We promoted sustainability in many areas in 2015. The health and safety of the people working in our value chain is always a priority, and in 2015 we sharpened our focus on further developing the safety mindset of our employees throughout our operations. The results were significant: the number of lost-time incidents per million hours worked decreased by more than 30 percent.

Sustainable development of the supply chain is a critical issue for a global company like Metso. In 2015 we continued assessing our suppliers against different sustainability aspects by launching a more comprehensive auditing process. The supply chain audits are performed by an external party to ensure greater transparency.

We continue to invest in the further development of managers across Metso. We know that effective leadership enables us to better adapt to the continuously evolving operating environment, and we believe that the right kind of leadership drives performance. In 2015 we launched two global leadership development programs and introduced a new leadership development portfolio with learning solutions both for new managers and for those with more experience.

Our future focus

Our goal is to be a thought leader in sustainability within our industry. I believe that being proactive and leading the way will enable our success also in the future. We strive to make the sustainable difference by combining our unique knowledge, solutions and skilled people in working with customers and other stakeholders to make their business and our own more profitable and sustainable.

Achieving growth and capturing new opportunities in today’s world of growing demands requires a sustainability mindset. By encouraging a culture of sustainability throughout Metso, we aspire to work together and interact seamlessly with our stakeholders.

Matti Kähkönen

President and CEO