Recent progress in sustainability

We are satisfied with our sustainability accomplishments so far, but still seek to constantly improve our operations. We seek to enhance our operations into a more environmentally efficient and socially appreciable manner.

Building customer success

In order to bring added value and to serve our customers in the best way possible, we are continuously expanding our sales and service network. In 2015 we opened new service centers in Sweden, USA, Mexico, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Since 2016 all R&D projects should set environmental efficiency and safety innovation targets.

Performing together

One of our most important achievements last year was the reduction of our LTIF (Lost Time Incident Frequency) by over 30% to 2.6. We have many projects going on that seek to help the surrounding society. In 2015 we had 136 donation projects running and we invested 0,87 million euros to sponsoring and donations worldwide. We also started executing the Human Rights impact assessment against the UN Guiding principles on Human Rights.

Contributing to the environment

Last year we had zero environmental accidents. We were able to reduce our water consumption in 2015 with 8% compared to 2014. We reached our target to reduce energy consumption by 15 % in the production units that have been part of our operations for the full period of the energy efficiency program. Also we decreased the total amount of the total waste generated with 12 %.

Responsible supply chain

In 2015 we continued assessing our suppliers against different sustainability aspects by launching a more comprehensive auditing process. The supply chain audits are performed by an external party to ensure greater transparency.