Show us your true potential

Develop yourself at Metso

Our global working environment offers a wide range of exciting and challenging opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. 

At Metso, we provide an environment where our people are encouraged to use opportunities to grow. Each employee is responsible for their performance and development. We support our employees in taking ownership of their career by making our internal career opportunities visible as well as giving them challenging work that provides constant opportunities for learning. Personal aspirations, motivation and career goals as well as an individual's strengths and competencies are always at the center of our career development and career planning. These are discussed at least once a year in a Development Discussion.

Driving performance

Annual Performance Review and Development Discussions consist of structured planning, following and reviewing of individual or team performance and development.  The target is to discuss and create mutual understanding of performance development needs and plans for the future. These discussions ensure that both performance and development plans are aligned with Metso strategy and business priorities, and that individual ambitions are clarified.  At Metso every employee is responsible for driving own performance and development.  

Job rotation

Employee competencies and skills play a crucial role for Metso. Embracing new challenges through job rotation offers one of the best possible ways to learn in your own work, not to mention growing confidence and developing your career at the same time.

We communicate internally about our open positions. A lot of our work is project-based, which lowers the threshold to take on a new position. Our renewed model for Development Discussions also supports job rotation, encouraging employees to plan their careers in the long-term and inspiring them to take ownership of their own development.

Job rotation can act as an eye-opener for everyone, but more importantly it is a means to retain the vast amount of skills and knowledge within the company.

Professional development

Key strategic competencies:

1. Sales
2. Field Services
3. Supply Chain/ Operations
4. RTD/Engineering
5. Project management

Along with the more focused and integrated strategy for Metso, we have started creating a more aligned approach to developing professional competencies across the company. Our target is to develop competencies which enable the implementation of our strategy.

Through our 70-20-10 approach, we emphasize the importance of learning on the job. New or problematic situations related to everyday work are the best way to develop new competencies, especially when support is available from the manager responsible and colleagues.

Leadership development

Metso values and leadership principles build a solid foundation for good leadership. With the new strategy, the leadership capability needs for Metso have been further clarified. Transforming into a focused industrial service and products company requires enhanced performance from the whole organization. Everyday leadership is one of the key enablers of high performance. To support managers in their everyday leadership, we have built a leadership development portfolio which is available globally. The portfolio consists of opportunities for learning on the job, learning together with others, for example through mentoring and coaching, and of traditional classroom-based training.