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We are proud of our world-leading solutions

Our customers and their needs are at the center of what drives us. It is a priority for Metso to create market-leading products and services that all employees can proudly stand behind and on which to base long-term customer relations.

Our customers’ success and doing business in a sustainable way is the first priority for Metso and that reflects directly on our culture and employee experience. We work with world-leading solutions that serve our customers in some of the world’s most fundamental industries – mining, aggregates, recycling, oil, gas, pul, paper and process industries. We have established a strong global market position in all our industries, and we create value for our customers by combining our knowledge, people and solutions.

At Metso, everyone has a true interest in being forerunners in the safety and sustainability aspects of our work and products. Our people are dedicated to and proud of our ethical way of working. People who work intelligently and with integrity never deliver half-way produced solutions.