We respect our people

Our values, leadership principles, equal opportunities statement and rewarding principles form the basis for all our people processes and employment practices.

Our values form the basis for our everyday work. Values guide all our people practises and the way how we treat our people.

Metso Values:
Driving customer success
Seeking innovations
Performing together
Respecting each other

We believe that good leadership enables a true performance culture and increases the commitment of our personnel. Every manager and supervisor has a direct impact on the quality of our leadership. Strategy and leadership principles create the foundation for leadership development. Leadership principles represent our shared view of what makes a good Metso leader.

Metso Leadership principles:
Show the way forward
Build inspiration and trust
Develop and coach
Drive results

At Metso, we promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination and value diversity in all of our operations. Our Metso Code of Conduct guides our way, and in our recruitment, we select and appoint employees based on their personal qualifications and skills for the job. We do not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, training opportunities, promotion, termination of employment, or retirement based on, but not limited to, race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation. We appreciate diversity in our employees’ background, talent, insight, education and experience, and believe this contributes to our success and sustainability by enhancing innovativeness, flexibility and the ability to communicate with our stakeholders.We appreciate our employees’ diversity, and promote equal opportunities and raise awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers in the local communities. 

The objective of remuneration at Metso is to encourage Metso employees as individuals and as team members to achieve set targets and to drive performance. Metso aims to offer compensation practices which take into consideration relevant market and industry practices as well as affordability, and support performance differentiation. Metso's remuneration package consists of three main elements: base pay, variable pay, and benefits.