Metso's offering for pulp and paper
Metso's offering for pulp, paper and board

Colored tissue says goodbye to nuclear basis weight


With good results following a recent quality control system (QCS) upgrade on tissue machine 1 (TM1) at Metsä Tissue’s Žilina mill in Slovakia, a second IQ Fiber measurement has now been installed on TM2 producing colored tissue. Simultaneously measuring fiber weight and moisture, Metso IQ Fiber has replaced the traditional nuclear basis weight sensors. Successfully installed on over 140 tissue machines using virgin pulp to 100% recycled furnish, the need for nuclear safety training and licens... Read more

SAICA boosts capability with Metso Automation


Just one step inside the machine hall at Saica’s virtually brand new EUR 360 million containerboard mill at Partington, near the city of Manchester in the UK, reveals to the visitor that this mill is run with precision and pride. Minute attention to detail is simply part of everyday life here. Even the floor shines, and PM 11, the gleaming centrepiece of the whole operation, is possibly one of the quietest paper machines in the business – as well as being one of the most automated. Read more

With the tools provided by modern automation, pulp and paper makers can produce more with less


"In automation, new applications featuring the latest control technology enable papermakers to reach totally new levels with their processes when it comes to quality and productivity. Replacing outdated automation systems with modern cutting-edge solutions provides the means to stay in the race", points out Ilkka Saarinen, Director, Pulp & Paper Applications, EMEA, Automation, Metso Read more

Metso stabilizes Burgo Ardennes mill bleaching process


Metso’s Bleaching Optimization selected by Burgo Ardennes mill in Belgium has smoothed out bleach plant operation and demonstrated an 8.7% savings in bleaching chemicals with improved brightness stability. A continuous improvement program extends the gains for the mill. Read more

Caliper control improves Kyro’s competitive edge


The first of a new generation of Metso’s IQ Induction profiler has been operating in Metsä Board’s Kyro mill in Finland since May 2013. As well as improved CD caliper profiles, new CD controls also help machine crews to reduce breaks. Read more

Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill: A new steam profiler lowered gas consumption and improved energy efficiency


Having had problems with fouling on conventional steamboxes, Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill in Finland was doubtful about Metso IQ Steam Profiler performance on its PM 10. Well, the doubts have been removed. In addition to better cleanliness, the results include lower Yankee hood gas consumption and improved moisture CD profiles. Read more

Khanna Paper Mills Ltd. builds the base for deinked pulp (DIP) optimization with Metso Cormec5 brightness and ERIC measurements


The past few years have been marked by trends of increasing raw material costs and energy costs, leading to higher operating costs. At the same time, increasing competition and higher quality demands at lower prices have created the need to optimize operating costs while enhancing product quality. Read more

Metso’s tissue automation concept for a more stable, productive machine operation


Metso’s comprehensive but scalable automation solution is geared towards optimum productivity, energy efficiency and product quality. This comprehensive automation concept is now complemented with newly updated products for furnish analysis and control, machinery condition and process stability monitoring and diagnosis and high-speed web break analysis capabilities. This paper and presentation describes Metso’s tissue automation concept with particular emphasis the newly updated products an... Read more