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Automation intelligence from Metso

Metso DNA helps turn waste into energy


Anyang City is a medium-sized city in the Republic of Korea with approximately 630,000 inhabitants. The city, located in Gyeonggi-do about 55 kilometers south of Seoul, has a vast amount of experience in solving the problem of handling municipal waste in an eco-friendly way. For more than 20 years, Anyang City disposed of its problem by using the waste in combined heat and power production. Read more

How to get most out of your control loop


Control loop performance is more than just about tuning. There are huge opportunities. About 20 % of control loops are in manual. This is an incredible waste of investment. The cost of a loop is about the same as the cost of a car if you consider the entire design and installation cost. Having the loop in manual is like having a car parked in the driveway. Read more

Pasi Airikka - Intelligent automation for crushing and screening


Human intelligence is often defined using expressions such as fast learning, correct actions or quick problem solving. Quite simply, intelligence is conducting actions that result in benefits. It can be tedious to measure, but you recognize it when you see it. Similarly, crushing and screening processes can be equipped with intelligent, plant-wide process automation systems that conduct actions that result in benefits. Read more

Metso’s condition monitoring helps mill team to target and optimize maintenance of Indah Kiat’s new paper machine in Indonesia


The mill maintenance team at Indah Kiat’s Perawang mill has found the online system monitoring and its time trending capability helps them to isolate and target the real causes of machine vibration and avoid unnecessary and unscheduled repairs. This added intelligence about the actual mechanical condition allows them to prioritize and optimize labor and material planning to make them more time and cost efficient. Read more