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Short-term outlook

This short-term outlook was published in accordance of Metso's Interim review January 1- March 31, 2014 on April 24, 2014.

Short-term outlook

Market development

We expect demand for mining equipment and projects to remain weak but stay stable. Due to our large installed equipment base and our stronger services presence, we expect demand for our mining services to remain good.

Demand for construction equipment and related services is expected to be active and similar to that seen during the first quarter and remain satisfactory.

Demand for our process automation systems is expected to remain satisfactory, whereas demand for flow control products and related services is expected to remain good.

Financial performance

Based on Metso’s current market outlook, order backlog for 2014, and cost efficiency actions, as well as foreign exchange rates remaining similar to those in March 2014, we estimate that our net sales in 2014 will be somewhat below 2013 and our EBITA margin before non-recurring items for 2014 will be around 12 percent of net sales.

Last updated May 07, 2014