Biomass processing reduces carbon emission

Companies engaged in biomass processing are increasingly adopting stationary shredders to increase the delivery of consistent, specific carbonneutral biomass energy products. This
selected fuel is attractive to operators of incineration facilities who are keen to reduce their overall carbon emissions.

Waste type

  • Baled materials, such as straw, wood and green waste

 What does customer says?

The benefits of M&J PreShred in biomass processing

  •        Non-sensitive to impurities in the input material
  •        Reliable technology for 24-hour operations
  •        Specially designed knives for maximum capacity and minimum power consumption
  •        Extensive experience of different straw types and moisture content from installations in Europe and China

Metso Waste Recycling offer a range of stationary PreShredder which all are very sutiable for biomass processing - read more below: 

Metso Waste Recycling shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting table. These distinct technical advantages ensure that our shredders provide outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials.

These key features also make M&J PreShred units extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and waste normally considered as non-shreddable, including solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks.

M&J PreShred units tackle most forms of waste – even the non-shreddable kind. We have developed special models to perform efficiently on specific types of material. These differences in capability are determined, for example, by the size of the cutting area, number of shafts, design of the rotating knives and available motor power.