Waste is an energy source

Waste of all kinds is now considered a potential energy source and an important growth market for stationary shredder technology. Most plastic and paper waste refuse derived fuel (RDF) plants have specific requirements regarding shredding capacity, grain size and operating reliability to ensure reliable and consistent production. Because of its ability to conform to the most stringent guidelines, Metso shredder equipment is increasingly in demand by this sector.

The RDF technology is used, for example, at waste-to-energy plants, gasification plants, cement kilns and more.

Waste type

  • Bulky
  • Industrial (C&I)
  • Household (MSW)
  • Wood

We have developed special models to perform efficiently on specific types of material. These differences in capability are determined, for example, by  the size of the cutting area, number of shafts, design of the rotating knives and available motor power.