Wood is an extremely precious and finite resource that must be protected. It is also one of the most valuable recyclable materials because it can be transformed into a wide variety of secondary products such as mulch, wood pellets, compost additive, soil conditioner, animal bedding and feedstock for engineered woods.

Recycling wood - nearly 16 millions tons of wood is thrown out each year - only 14% is reclaimed. But many states have set goals to increase their recycling rates to 75%.


Customer saying

"The shredder is installed in our biomass wood waste to energy plant, and is size reducing urban wood waste in form of green waste (tree branches, logs and root stumps) from horticultural maintenance industry, construction and demolition wood waste, logistics wood waste – pallet/boxes. We have for sure made savings – as we do not need to pre-cut tree stumps and bigger size tree trunks – it can be directly feed into the waste shredder” says Lim Teck Siang


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