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Trellex 610MP - The best from two worlds

By combining modular concept with the strength and durability from panels, Trellex MP is using the best from two worlds!

Metso releases Trellex® 610MP, an innovative system of modular screening media incorporating the patented Metso Ceramic Insert Skid Bar (CISB) system. Designed specifically for large multislope screening applications, the Trellex® 610MP is a direct response to current screening media technology trends in the mining industry.

"We are the first manufacturer of screening media technology to offer our customers such a versatile modular screening media system. Customized screening media systems are a thing of the past. The future is modular", says Claes Larsson, Global Product Manager for screening media solutions.

The Trellex® 610MP is a modular screening media system, which means that there is a wide range of modules to choose from depending on customers' needs. They can be easily stored and incorporated into an application when needed. Each module can be replaced with minimal downtime and without using heavy-duty lifting equipment. Compared to previous customized solutions, the Trellex 610MP is highly effective and flexible.

The patented Metso Ceramic Insert Skid Bar (CISB) system is designed to take the toughest treatment. By incorporating ceramic bars into screening media panels the service life of each panel in the most extreme applications can be increased by up to 30%. The Trellex® 610MP is the first screening media system to include the Ceramic Insert Skid Bar (CISB) system.

"Uptime is most important for our customers. In order to optimize the efficiency and wear resistance of our panels, we have included only the best materials, the widest possible range of panels and superior features in the Trellex® 610MP system" Claes Larsson says.

The Trellex® 610MP combines the advantages of a modular panel system with the best features of a customized system to offer a highly effective screening media solution.

For further information, please contact:
Claes Larsson, Global Product Manager for screening media solutions at Metso
claes.larsson @metso.com


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