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Grab bucket unloaders

Metso's grab unloaders offer versatility and dependability in matching unloading capacity with facility operating requirements. Handling a broad range of products at rates up to 3,400 tph, our traveling and fixed grab unloaders service ports throughout the world, unloading barges and ocean bulk carriers.

Metso's economical grab unloader assure you of years of dependable service with design and technology that meets the most demanding unloading facility requirements.

Our versatile machines are designed to unload various size vessels at the same station, and our system for changing grabs makes handling different types of bulk materials simple.

Further, our equipment provides unloading capabilities unaffected by fluctuation of water level. The bucket control facilitates unloading of vessels with hatches and coaming.

With the help of a front-end loader, virtually all material in the vessel is recovered.


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