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Rod mills for coal and coke

Rod Mills for coal and coke pulverization

Wet grinding rod mills

A recent application for a trunnion overflow rod mill is in the preparation of coal and petroleum coke slurries for integrated gasification combined cycle electric power generation and co-generation facilities.

The relatively coarse open circuit rod mill product, plus the ability to not generate excess fines, is key to making a high percent solids, low viscosity slurry capable of being pumped directly into the gasification reactor vessel. This service has been proven to be an excellent application for the traditional design rod mill.

Dry grinding rod mills

A new application for the end peripheral discharge rod mill is the preparation of fuel for circulating bed boilers (CFB). It is critical to have a coarse product with the fewest amounts of fines for this product, as the fuel mass must be fluidized by combustion airflow. This same airflow will elutriate excess fines from the fuel mass before combustion is complete and reduce boiler efficiency through loss of the fuel fines with the ash.

The very low abrasion characteristics of the rod mill make it an excellent choice when burning highly abrasive coal waste material in CFB’s.


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