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Rotary kiln technologies

Rotary kiln technologies

This portion of our web site is dedicated to give users or potential users of rotary kilns general information. This information can be helpful for learning general terminology, maintenance, or progresses in the technology. It will not talk about specific uses or processes, but we hope it answers frequently asked questions about rotary kilns.

Rotary kilns are used to heat solids to the point where a required chemical reaction(s) takes place. The rotary kiln is basically a rotating inclined cylinder. Solids retention time in the kiln is an important design factor and is set by proper selection of the diameter, length, speed, slope and internals design. There are two basic types of rotary kilns; direct fired and indirect fired.

Metso designs and supplies both direct fired and indirect fired rotary kilns for a wide variety of applications. We have supplied over a thousand rotary kilns ranging in size up to 7.6 meters in diameter and 190 meters in length.

We are the only company that has the original drawings, specifications and calculations for pyro processing systems and equipment that have been installed under the following trade names:

  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Allis Mineral Systems
  • Boliden Allis
  • Kennedy Van Saun (KVS)
  • MPSI/Hardinge
  • Stansteel
  • Pyrotherm
Thus, we can provide repair parts to the original tolerances and specifications and take advantage of the latest designs and improvements.

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