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Kiln shell ovality

Ovality is defined as the difference in length between the horizontal and vertical axis of the kiln due to elastic deformation and is commonly expressed as a percentage of the nominal inside diameter of the kiln shell.

Ovality beam used to measure kiln shell ovality.

As filler bars become worn or uneven it becomes difficult to keep refractory from cracking.

Kiln ovality checks are suitable for:

  • Any size rotary kiln in operation that needs yearly checkup
Main benefits of Metso service
  • Year of experience with rotary kilns and installations
  • Traveling service group that specializes in ovality
  • Custom machinery
Excessive ovality of the kiln shell can have adverse effects on the life of the brick lining due to the pinching at the inside and outside diameters of the lining.
If premature failure of the kiln brick lining occurs due to ovality, it would most likely occur first at the riding rings where ovality is the greatest. Failure modes that can be associated with high ovality include:
  • Premature mechanical refractory failure
  • Overheating and/or failure of carrying mechanism bearings
  • Shell cracking
  • Weld cracking

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