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Drive components

Failure of any drive component being gear box, main gear, pinion, or bearings can be a huge problem.

Drive components require special attention. Metso Minerals people familiar with kiln operation should look at all of the components no less than twice a year.

Drive component evaluation or replacement are suitable for:
Any size rotary kiln, dryer, cooler or incinerator

Main benefits of Metso service are:
Year of experience with rotary kilns and installations
Ability to source from many manufactures
Quality control to original specifications
True understanding what parts will undergo in operation
In house engineering for custom fit applications

Drive components of a rotary kiln are:
Main drive motor
auxiliary diesel or motor
pinion (gear & bearings)
main (bull) gear

This could also be expanded to:
kiln riding rings
support rollers
thrust rollers
kiln bearings

Evaluation will include looking at wear patterns, misalignments, and general tolerances in the system. Evaluating foundations and grouting and general mechanical operability. It is important to identify a problem, to prevent a failures. Having a third party look at a plant can see problems that may be overlooked by the day to day personnel.

If parts are required Metso can help. Most of the parts required have long lead times. It is critical to know what is required and get it to the plant site as soon as possible. Failure of any drive component can be very costly if downtime is forced for long periods.

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