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Nordberg TK Series feeders

Nordberg TK Feeder
Nordberg TK Feeder

Nordberg TK-Series feeders are available with a solid pan, screen mesh or grizzly bars. The TK-Series has been designed to be compact in size, light in weight, yet well suited to hard rock applications. The TK-Series vibrating feeders utilise grease lubricated unbalanced vibratory motors to create a linear motion.

Nordberg TK-Series vibrating feeders can be used for feeding, transporting, scalping and screening of materials.

Most of the TK-Series vibrating feeders are available with either squirrel cage motors or hydraulic drives.

Main information
RangeWidth x LengthWeight
Feeder grizzly applications
TK8-27-2V788 x 28551400
TK8-32-2V790 x 32051700
TK11-42-2V1172 x 43705200
Chutes: closed bottom, rod or screens clothes applications
TK10-151016 x 1660670
TK10-15S/TK10-152V1008 x 16071300
TK10-201016 x 2230750
TK13-20S/TK13-20-3V1330 x 19261600
TK16-20S/TK16-20-3V1632 x 18001800

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