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Thickeners & Clarifiers

Conventional thickeners & clarifiers

Metso's Conventional thickeners & clarifiers are designed for continuous 24 hour per day operation in chemical, industrial mineral and ore processing industries. Units are supplied in two basic configurations: bridge or centre pier mounted.
Drive mechanisms, rake systems and feed systems are available to suit tanks from 5 m to 75 m in diameter. Drive head torques up to 2 000 000 Nm

Metso's thickeners and clarifiers are suitable for:

  • Improved design for easier maintenance
  • In-drive system consists of in-line, high efficiency epicyclic gearbox and main motor
  • Torque tower and telescopic pier redesigned, giving easier inspection of torque keys
  • Coal fines and tailings
  • Magnetite fines¨
  • Kaoline storage & thickening
  • Copper concentrates and tailings
  • Gold/Silver concentrates and tailings
  • Phosphate slimes
  • Lead/Zinc concentrates and tailings
  • Iron ore tailings
  • FGD plant slurries

Main benefits of Metso's thickeners and clarifiers are:
  • Bridge or Centre Pier mounted Drive Heads
  • Slewing Ring designed High Torque Drive Heads
  • Fully automatic Rake Lift
  • Remote or Local operation
  • Up to 75 m diameter
  • Steel or Concrete tanks

Main features of Metso's thickeners and clarifiers are:
  • Proven design extended to all drive head sizes
  • Substantial slewing ring main bearing used for all sizes of drive heads. This bearing accommodates all tipping moments from rake system without aff ecting wormwheel alignment, thus further extending worm and wormwheel life
  • Designs available for both bridge and centre pier mounting
  • Increased torque capacity
  • Main wormwheel machined from centrifugally cast phosphor bronze for maximum wear life and torque capacity
  • Reliable and adjustable torque sensing
  • Torque sensing by electronic main drive slip sensor with fixed high torque alarm and motor cut off values but with adjustable rake raise torque value

Clarifier / Thickener - Bridge

Clarifier / Thickener - Centre Pier


Brochure Thickeners & Clarifiers EN (278 kB) PDF

Technical Specification Thickener & Clarifier PDF