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Trellex Wear Plates

Heavy duty applications

Trellex wear plates are the natural choice for demanding application, where abrasion, impact and corrosion occur such as in primary hoppers and truck boxes.

Wear plates: PP, PR, PT, SP and Wear Bar

Medium duty applications

The Trellex wear plates for medium duty applications provide high performance and lightweight wear protection in applications such as chutes, hoppers, discharge, loading and transfer points. This results
in a maximized production.

Wear plates: PP-XL, Poly-Cer and SQ

Light duty applications

A modern working environment demands improved products for minimized risk for injuries and fatigue. Our wear plates for light duty applications help to create a comfortable working environment by substantially reducing noise. Rubber and Polyurethane are soft and lightweight materials which are easy to handle, install and remove.

Light duty wear plates: Flexback and PPU

Low friction wear plates (LF)

Trellex low friction wear plates are a complete product range of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. (UHMW-PE). Its characteristics are high molecular weight, which is a prerequisite for low friction. Trellex low friction wear plates are fitted to steel or concrete surfaces to prevent clinging, bridging, rat holing and arching in bunkers, hoppers chutes and containers.


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