The steam conditioning valves are especially suitable for high pressure drop superheated steam and desupeheating in turbine bypass system


  • Various construction design available with a combination and globe PCV + desuperheaters
  • Equipped flow velocity control trim such as Tendril and Omega
  • Quick change trim available depending from the application
  • Anti-stick plug & guide trim and pressure balanced plug or pilot balanced plug and minimal surface


  • Erosive fluid can be conditioned through straight to down path.
  • Easy in-line maintenance and valve assembly and self guiding
  • Stable process and noise control 
  • Flow characteristics can be easily changed with interchangeable trim parts
  • Reliable system operation with eliminates shut down
Series AS, GS
Design Linear steam conditioning valve
Size range Inlet DN 50 - 500 / Outlet  DN DN 100 – 900, other size available
Pressure letdown classes AS upto Class 2500, GS upto Classs 900
Temperature range  -198 °C … +593 °C

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