Our inventiveness remains undiminished


  • Energy efficiency - reduced energy consumption of 15%
  • Optimized loading process - simplifying loading
  • Lid and side compression - reduces wear, minimizes pusher force, whilst preventing jamming
  • Precise cutting - adjustable prismatic guide of the blade
  • Simplified maintenance - hydraulic blade tensioning device
  • Oil transfer system - energy consumed is utilized to an optimum degree
  • Control system - human machine interface with IF award


  • The PLC control system automatically performs pump and cylinder tests
  • The Metso EtaCut™ II requires 15% less energy in comparison to the excellent EtaCut®
  • Depending on the type of scrap, the breaker bar at the blade slide can increase the cutting capacity by up to 30%.

Specially developed and suitable for

  • Circulation scrap from steelworks
  • Scrap from industrial demolitions
  • Scrap from rail cars, military scrap, scrap from ship breaking
  • All kind of light and heavy, bulky scrap, where a high density of the final product is needed




Subsequent cutting by guillotine

First the scrap is fed into the press bed (1) using a grab or crane. The scrap is compacted by the lid (3) and side press (2). The pusher (4) compacts the scrap in the 3rd dimension and moves forward the scrap to the shear throat where a stamper holds down the scrap for subsequent cutting by guillotine (5).

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