High operating reliabilty


The Lindemann™ ZZ is equipped with a top grid and bottom grid, suitable for handling mixed scrap and scrap cars. Bales of dried out car bodies with liquids removed or light miscellaneous scrap, white goods / household appliances, sorted medium-heavy scrap.

  • Hydraulic rotor locking

  • Hydraulic tilting housing

  • Hydraulic top grid cover

  • Ejection door for coarse pieces

  • Hydraulic anvil clamping device

  • Rotor with long-life caps


White goods / household appliances, sorted light scrap (except non shreddable material), pre-cut ELVs, entire ELVs and bales are transformed into clean, dense, and small pieces of shredded scrap.

  • Low specific energy consumption due to fully capped disc rotor
  • High throughput capacities
  • Flexible application with 3 ejection door functions
  • Outstanding availability with an intelligent spares and maintenance concept
  • Wide processing range from light to medium-heavy mixed scrap
  • High-quality feed stock for steel works

Ready for the job

No matter what type of metal scrap, the metal shredder can handle it

The Lindemann™ ZZ uses the latest technology and can easily handle white goods / household appliances, sorted light scrap (except non shreddable material), pre-cut ELVs and entire ELVs, transforming them into clean, dense and small pieces of shredded scrap.

The Lindemann™ ZZ at work

With the Lindemann™ ZZ, the required degree of fragmentation and density of the final product can easily be set from the start of the process, no matter what has to be handled.
The scrap is fed in automatically dosed quantities and torn off on the edge of the anvil. The scrap pieces that are small enough leave the shredder through the openings in either the bottom grid or the top grid. Coarse pieces that cannot be shredded are ejected through the hydraulically operated ejection door, bypassing the grids, without interrupting the production process.

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