Perfectly adjusted


  • Sturdy design with minimal demand on maintenance and long service life
  • Closed system of forces and pre-stressed tension rods
  • Maintenance is simplified by detail solutions
  • Non-contact position measuring system, integrated in the hydraulic cylinders
  • Flexible bale length and density adapted to customer´s requirements
  • Oil return via oil transfer system
  • Electronic oil-level monitoring system
  • Central lubrication
  • Multi-functional terminal supports operations and any troubleshooting (Human Machine Interface visualization)


  • Triple action for best results
  • Increased uptime
  • Impressive peak performance
  • Improved efficiency in wide variety of applications

Tradition of efficiency

Lindemann EtaPress™ is used to compact light metal scrap, for example scrap scissels into high density bales right on the spot.

Profitability in a new dimension

The material to be baled is dumped into the charging box of the baler. Compactor 1 advances and pushes the material into the pressing chamber. Bulky parts that protrude from the charging box are sheared off by a knife. The sheared-off parts shift onto the cover plate of compactor 1 and remain there until the next charging process. When compactor 1 has reached its front end position, compactor 2 moves downwards and compactor 3 finishes the pressing of the bale. The discharge door opens and at the same time compactor 1 and 2 moves back into its starting position. The finished bale is ejected by compactor 3. Then compactor 3 moves into its basic position and the discharge door closes again. The press is in its basic position again.

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