Why choose a Lindemann EtaRip™


  • Power-controlled pumps reduce speed at high torque
  • Low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors from Hägglunds
  • Motors directly connected to the rotor splined shaft
  • No additional gear box that may cause problems due to load cycles
  • Plummer block rotor bearing


  • Significantly reduced risk of explosion in the shredder caused by
    gas bottles, fuel tanks or other hazardous elements
  • Less noise pollution means fewer issues with neighbors and regulatory authorities
  • Less idle time and a wider range of infeed material means a more profitable shredder installation
  • Maximum production output and better sorting result in better quality scrap
  • No peak loading
  • Potential savings in the range of six figures, depending on the installation

Supporting an optimal shredding operation

The Lindemann EtaRip™ supports optimal shredding operation by feeding it with a uniformly pre-fragmented material. Such approach increases production, reduces wear, keeps electrical power consumption peaks low, and substantially reduces environmental concerns such as noise and explosion risk.

We understand your business

The crane operator loads the material to be processed into the infeed hopper of the pre-shredder. Due to gravity the material slides down the infeed chute until it contacts the top rotor (slow rotating). The star-discs of the top rotor grasp the scrap and transport it into the zone of the counter-rotating bottom rotor (fast rotating). Because of the relative velocity of the rotors the scrap passing between the star-discs is torn apart and shredded.

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