A shear with sophisticated technology


Less Wear

  • Large over stroke of press lid and side compactor reduces wear
  • All parts in the areas where wear is critical are made of highly wear-resistant Lindur
  • The computer-controlled shear frame lubricating system ensures that the guide elements
  • are adequately supplied with grease, which minimizes friction forces and prevents seizing

Least Downtime

  • Generously dimensioned and bolted wear parts, easiness to maintain, excellent Lindemann quality, and advanced fault diagnosis system secures your production time is maximized
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning device available for fast blade changing

Intelligent control systems

  • Intelligent hydraulic management resulting in faster working cycles
  • A number of optimized programs for different types of scrap: full stroke, partial stroke, relative stroke


  • Less malfunctions during the process
  • More efficiency when cutting
  • Valuable parts housed safely

Efficiency begins with performance

The production capacity is up to 51 tons per hour and up to 6 cuts per minute. The side compactor and press lid of the Lindemann PowerCut operates with a large over stroke. This reduces wear on the opening and wears plates, minimizes the necessary force and prevents jamming.

Scrap, compacted with Lindemann PowerCut™

First the scrap is fed into the press bed. It is then compacted by the lid and side press. Whether or not the top press operates using overtravel depends upon which program is selected. In the fourth stage, the scrap is compacted by the feeder pusher from the rear. The pusher moves the compacted scrap forward to the cutting area in the shear frame.



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