A comprehensive approach to QCS


Since your process and situation are unique, no off-the-shelf solution will provide the optimum performance you need to be competitive. You need added flexibility in all aspects of measurements, controls and results. Metso’s expertise and portfolio of proven equipment, applications and solutions are geared towards producing measureable improvements that translate directly to improved profitability.

Metso IQ Profilers

Metso offers you profilers that fulfill all your needs, whether they involve paper, tissue or board machines, and whether you need a completely new line, a rebuild or a stand-alone unit. Not only is our new range of profilers more comprehensive than before but it is also more advanced. Our portfolio includes solutions for all locations and for all grades – all top performers.


Improving process performance and product quality is a continuous cycle. Metso IQ provides the complete solution for generating the maximum return from a QCS investment. We also provide the services and the expertise to optimize the performance of your papermaking process by ensuring that your automation equipment contributes to its stability, productivity and your product quality.

Using IQ Profilers the benefits you derive from effective profile management are many, extending from improved production and runnability through to better paper quality and printing properties. Our profilers feature advanced self-diagnostics and compact designs for easy maintenance and installation

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