Features and benefit


The unique design of the cutting area, the variable cutting frequency,the continuously adjustable rotor speed and the optimal selection of screen sizes, all together secure high rates of homogenous output.

The shaft positions in the twin shaft M&J FineShred secure a self-feeding effect, eliminating the need for additional pushers. Along with the geometry of the 12-edged shaft, which minimizes the risk of material wind up of the shafts, this prevents heat development in the machine.

Easy maintenance and short downtime

With the new design feature that allows the two shafts to be moved apart, access to the shafts and the cutting tables has been improved greatly. This makes maintenance easy, which minimizes downtime.


  • Knife design - Different shapes for different applications
  • Screen - Large screen area secure high output rate
  • Cutting gap - Can be adjusted to a minimum allowing very exact cutting
  • Multi edged shafts - No wrap around and self cooling effect
  • Hydrostatic drive - Very reliable under heavy loads & shocks
  • Homogenous output - Exact cutting, no friction, no pulling in and wrap around results in a homogenous output
  • Easy service - Easy access for service and maintenance

Drive and screen

The hydraulic system consists of a variable pump with power control, an integrated feed pump and a hydraulic motor mounted on each shaft. All together a “state of the art” double hydrostatic system, providing the maximum output and the most reliable performance available.
Due to the precise cutting of the material the strain on the screens is minimal and the design can therefore be made in very thin materials. Typically screens can be made in 3 - 6 mm plates. As there is not pressure on the screen the open area can be optimized and secure a high output rate. Discharge of the granules can be executed either using screw conveyors or belt conveyors.

Multi-edge rotor and hydraulic drive

Two counter rotating shafts fitted with knives specially selected for the individual applications ensure a high degree of flexibility of the units. The unique design of the cutting area ensures minimal friction on the shaft. In combination with the continuously adjustable rotor speed, the variable cutting frequency and the optimal selection of screen sizes a very homogeneous output with a minimum content of fine fractions can be achieved.

The hydraulic drive of the shafts guarantees an impact resistant and resonance free power transmission. All together a minimum of wear and energy consumption is secured.

 No of shafts  pc. 2
Shaft length mm 1334
Shaft diameter  mm 665
Electrical motors  kW 2x132
Shaft speed rpm Up to 260
Number of knives pc. 144
Weight ton 22
Capacity ton per hour
Output size RDF PET WEEE Wood
10 mm Up to 4 Up to 3 Up to 4 Up to 13
40 mm Up to 10 Up to 8 Up to 7 Up to 20
60 mm Up to 12 Up to 10 Up to 8 Up to 22

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