HSE management

Safety leads to good quality and enhances profitability. Our customers expect us to deliver productive and high-quality products and services, but they also expect us to avoid risking the safety of our employees, our customers’ employees and the environment.

We take a pre-cautionary approach by applying the requirements defined by our high HSE standards early in the development phase of our products and process solutions. In our own HSE management practices, we comply with ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 standards. 57% of our relevant operations are covered by ISO 14001 certification and 42% by OHSAS 18001 certification. We also strive to anticipate the development of HSE legislation on a national and international level.




Our health, safety and environmental (HSE) management is organized according to a semi-decentralized model where our strategy, HSE policy and targets are set at the Group level, and the business line managements set business-specific targets, action plans and global instructions based on the Group´s targets.

Metso´s global HSE network supports the business lines in the monitoring, developing and communicating of safety practices. Each of our segments and business lines are represented in the global health and safety network that gathered four times and in our environmental network that gathered five times in 2012. The HSE networks define general health, safety and environmental guidelines and procedures for the Group level, e.g. the implementation of the HSE policy, and the practices and guidelines of our units´ HSE activities. Defining focus areas for HSE activities, developing HSE management and sharing best practices are the responsibility of our HSE networks.

In addition, Metso has local networks in place that are organized by the business representatives responsible for HSE matters within their respective organizations. These networks define common practices and ensure compliance with the local legislation and with Metso´s minimum safety standards. The local representatives are responsible for keeping the site managers aware of the changing HSE legislation and for helping them to develop the procedures.

HSE legislation

Due to the increasing amount of legislation and regulation in the area of health, safety and environment, there is a growing need for monitoring and forecasting the legislative environment around Metso from a Group-level perspective. Traditionally, our different business lines and units have covered the monitoring task independently, but a more integrated approach is needed in today's global business environment. Therefore, we investigate the appropriate level of HSE legislation monitoring and forecasting at the Group level. We consider this kind of operating model to have a lot of potential –from both the business and risk management point of view.